Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ethiopian Adoptive Family Camp-out

We had a test run this past fall that was amazingly successful so we are hoping to make this an annual summer trip.  The kids has a great time connecting with other kids who look like them and have families that look like theirs. 

Below is some very basic information for our summer 2015 trip.  If you are interesting in attending, please contact us at for more specific details including exact location and pricing.

June 19-21, 2015

A campground in Ventura County

We hope to have a few activities planned on Saturday including a coffee ceremony and art projects for the kids.  Food will continue to be potluck and Saturday night will again conclude with an Ethiopian feast and dancing.

I think this will be a powerful time for our kids to see themselves and their families mirrored back to them.  And of course to spend some time in nature and having fun just playing and being kids...

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