EAFLA (Ethiopian Adoptive Families, Los Angeles) is a group of adoptive parents in Southern California that are striving to find meaningful cultural experiences for their children.  We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be raising our Ethiopian-born kids in a city that has so much Ethiopian culture to offer, from the amazing restaurants and markets to the warm diaspora community to the special events like concerts and the annual street festival.

EAFLA posts about many ongoing opportunities for families to learn about Ethiopian history, art, traditions, food, music, dance and cultural celebrations.  These events also help foster friendships for children that were adopted from Ethiopia with other kids that have families that look much like theirs.  Additionally, parents help build a sense of community for their families through support.

All events we post about are open to any family, Ethiopian or not, adoptive or not, looking to participate in worthwhile Ethiopian cultural experiences.

Please see the Calendar of Events page for further details.

If you'd like an event, one-time or reoccuring, added to this site, please email us at eaf.la.ca@gmail.com.